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Quiet, misunderstood, complicated and an empathic introvert against her will, she sits and writes in an effort to be understood.  In all likelyhood she will still be overlooked and ignored and in such she writes to release the things with which she cannot say and should not be said.  Musings and awakenings that would be but humour to the reader are her life and in that she sheds her painful tears.  No longer able to contain itself to the shadows,  Enter My Darkness invites you into this dark part of her life to bear witness to her sufferings and all the demons that would be known.

As in all things there must be balance, two sides to every coin and so after far too long, the lighter side has demanded that the darkness make room.  Sunny Side Up burst forth in a breath of fresh light heartedness to balance out all the gloom that had been.  You simply cannot have one without the other and now her two halves are exposed.  Eternally locked at war, vying for the reigning title, the lighter side that fuels her never ending smile refuses to be ignored.

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A light hearted alternative to the darker Enter My Darkness series I began with.  This is to be a collection of cup half full entries.  

Known as an empathic introvert, I have been sadly compared to a doormat in that I appear to not stick up for myself and have loving been told only I can feel sorry for someone who has treated me poorly.

I see the world through a piscean set of rose colored glaases tinted in my favourite color blue adorned with the symbols of my faith. 

Come and share my point of view - see it through my eyes!

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Come, and indulge at your own risk.  Follow me as I explore uncensored, not only my dark feelings and memories, but my darkest dreams and musings.  

A truly grim set of works steeped in torment, anguish and the inability to fit into a world that does not like to gaze into the dark mirror.  Perhaps, we as a society fear that which might gaze back at us through the looking glass?

Allow me to open my window a crack and show you the midnight blackness I have inside myself.  A truly therapeutic set of ramblings laid down by a psychopathic sociopath, sure to if not amuse and entertain, perhaps entice you to peek at your own demons or montsters?  

         For are we all not a little bit insane?

        Is reality not like beauty, in the eye of the beholder?

         Please, do come walk with me......

Warning: Series Contains Explicit Adult Content.

Category/Genre(s): Journal Entries, Adult Fiction, Short Stories
Updated: Monthly