Chapter 6 (1)
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Liv locked the door, securing the deadbolt and the chain lock for good measure as she silently thanked whatever gods were up there that she lived in a resort that catered to the rich and famous. All of the doors and windows had plenty of heavy-duty locks, and there were security cameras everywhere in the public areas. The safety might be an illusion, but she felt safer nonetheless. Hopefully, Brodi would as well. She didn’t know a lot about this woman from Brodi’s past, but she’d seen him through enough nightmares and flashbacks to know that this woman was bad news. Brodi was so calm and easygoing most of the time that he’d earned the nickname Zen Master from some of the staff. Anyone that rattled him this badly was not to be underestimated. 

“I’m sorry, hon,&rdquo...

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