Chapter 5(3)
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“I feel better knowing that,” Brodi said. “Truly.” 

Nate nodded and left without saying another word. Liv got up only to lock the door again, then returned and plopped herself back down beside him, sighing heavily as she did so. 

“I’m sorry, hon.” 

Brodi waved it off. “He’s just doing his job, and he’s trying to protect me from the rumor mill at the same time. I understand.” 

Liv slipped her arm under his and grasped his hand. “You know, I’ve never seen him like he was when he pulled you out of that snowbank. I mean, I knew he was military, I know he served with Henry’s son, you can tell he’s military by the way he moves and speaks.  It was incredible, though, the way he took...

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