Chapter 5(2)
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“Stay there, I’ll get it.” Liv ordered when he started to get up.

She replaced the kettle on the stovetop and crossed the living room to the door. Looking through the peephole, she saw Nate standing in the hallway holding a folder and a paper bag. 

"Feel up for company, babe?"

He looked at her questioningly. 

“Nate,” she responded. 

Brodi shrugged. “If he’s worried enough to be here already, it’s fine.” 

There was another knock, and when Brodi gave a final nod to her she opened the door. 

“Hey, guys. Can I come in?” 

“Nate, I know you need to get on this, but we were just in your office. Can this wait?” 

“It’s fine, Liv,”...

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