Chapter 4 (1)
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After a brief struggle with the lock, Nate finally got his office door open and took Brodi’s arm again to help Liv get him inside. 

“OK, couch just inside the door. Drop him…there we go.” Nate closed the door and locked it behind them to prevent any surprise guests. Then he went and leaned against the front of his desk. “Now, you want to tell me what’s eatin’ you, Bro?” 

Brodi sat back on the couch and leaned into the tallest part of the arm so that he could hold his head in his hand. “You mean besides the room spinning and that wave of nausea?” 

Nate laughed, quieting himself when Brodi cringed. “Yeah, next time you may not want to pound them so fast. Butch called Liv the minute you ordered your first drin...

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