Chapter 3 (2)
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Nate sighed heavily and stood by Brodi to help him stand. 

“Well, pal. If you wanted inconspicuous, I think the alcohol ruined it for you. Do me a favor, OK? Next time you have a bomb to drop on me, wait until you get into my office to start drinking. I have lots of liquor. You can get as wasted as you want before you start talking. And you can sleep it off on the sofa afterward.” 

Brodi stood so well he surprised even himself, but then sat down again quickly as his head got a rush. Liv helped him stand again, then wedged herself under his arm to keep him standing. Nate held onto his other arm, and the two of them managed to help him get moving. 

“Wait, wait,” he said, stopping after two steps. “I haven’t paid.” 

“I took...

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