Wings of Silver and Blood
By Mark C. Harms

Mark C Harms      1/31/17 5:21 PM

Hello, readers! I have a new series that I've just posted up. "We Take You Live to Moscow: A Story of the Ark Project" is a prequel to this series. Check it out. Read how the world came to understand the threat of the Harbinger Plague through the efforts of one man who couldn't let go of a good story, no matter the cost. Happy Reading!

Mark C. Harms      12/31/16 7:17 PM

Hello Happy Readers! I hope that you've had a prosperous 2016. May your 2017 be even better than the previous year. Do you have questions about the story? Feedback? ....haiku? Leave it here! Looking forward to it!

Mark C. Harms      8/06/15 7:53 AM

After building in some chapters, I've realized that I'm so far ahead of my own set pace that the only rational thing to do is reward the people reading with the fruits of my tunnel vision. So with that said, I'm going to start releasing chapters on a weekly basis from here on out. Enjoy!

Mark C. Harms      7/22/15 6:50 AM

Recently, a couple of my readers who have honored me by reading the story in its entirety suggested to me that I should create a kind of primer for the characters of the book. Partly because the book is long. I never intended to make it that long, but what can I say? Sometimes I hyper focus on things and suddenly I've got one hundred seventy-two thousand words typed out! The other reason for the primer is for the fact that one of the major themes of this story is the mutability of identity, or the perception of it at the very least. As such, a number of the characters get uppity and change their names somewhere along the path of the story. Some of them get their names changed for them by others. Creating the primer, while helpful, also creates the added danger of spoilers. So here is where I am looking for your opinion. Would it make sense and/or be of benefit to create one big cheat sheet to be dropped here in the discussion section when I get to about halfway in the story? Would it make more sense to perhaps drop in a little recap section every few chapters within the body of the series as a kind of companion piece? I should note that the novel currently available on Amazon does NOT have any companion notes in it. This would be something new that I'm doing, something exclusive to Channillo subscribers for the present. What do you think?

Mark C. Harms      7/09/15 6:59 AM

So this is my first novel. Ever. It's the first installment of an idea that I had nearly a decade ago. I made the decision to write it for many reasons, none of which are terribly interesting or unique. Leave it at the summation that the writing of the tale was inevitable. As I mentioned, this is my first novel. It's not the last, nor is it the last for this story. The original outline called for seven novels, each one adding to a larger story arc. You can learn more about that story arc in tidbits available at my website. The next novel will come out some time around the new year. In the meantime, enjoy "Wings of Silver and Blood", and feel free to ask questions. Thanks for reading, and thanks for subscribing to Channillo. Tell all your friends to subscribe as well.