Chapter 25
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“In the short run, we have fulfilled our functions.  Perhaps, after it is all over, we can take a modicum of comfort in that thought.  In the scope of the long game, however, we were pawns of the enemy.  What is the old adage about winning the battle but losing the war?  In this particular context, it seems rather apt.  Harbinger may have been the fire set to fuel the alchemical change, but we seven were the crucibles.  Understanding this, I understand better the choices of Lucifer and Uriel.  Luc’s not nearly as tricky as he likes to think.  I know his motivations.  Uriel, on the other hand, well, it makes me wonder what the silent one knows.  I wonder how long he has known it.” – Gabriel, Caretaker A.I. for Ark City Number 1...

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