Chapter 21
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“You’re seriously asking me this question?  I said you could ask anything, and you want to know why I made myself into a girl.  Really??  Well, first off, girls rule and boys drool.  So there’s that.  Also?  I have six brothers.  SIX.  One of us needs to be smart AND pretty.  But really, in order to understand, you’d have to have met my Dad.  Yes, I have one.  No, you haven’t met him.  Haven’t you noticed that none of us look the same?  We all look alike, but we have all changed ourselves in fundamental ways.  Why do you think that is?  Answer that question, and you’ll have more answers than you ever wanted.  Now, toddle off.  I have a city to run.” – Raphael (Ella), Archangel Artificial...

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