By Kay Gardner

Holly Tellander      2/27/17 8:13 AM

Oooh, reverie got me :) Love your rhythm and your imagery. Good stuff - you were made for this :)
Kay Gardner      2/27/17 9:02 AM
thank you SO much! you just made my monday ;) and i'm very glad you're enjoying :)

Kerriann      12/02/16 3:50 PM

I have to comment again and tell you how much I am enchanted by your poems. Thank you for writing these!!
Kay Gardner      12/05/16 9:15 AM
thank you so much! you just made my day :)

Lisa M. Giannone      11/19/16 5:00 PM

Kay, I can relate to Indifference. For people like us, who are whole-hearted givers, it's difficult when sometimes it isn't returned, and for me, it's even harder to treat someone back the same way. It takes an effort to be indifferent, but it has worked, although it doesn't come naturally.
Kay Gardner      11/20/16 9:27 PM
that's it exactly.. gray rock. not easy, but a lifesaver. thank you.

Kerriann      11/16/16 6:07 PM

Really loving this series. It's so insightful and honest. Thank you for sharing!
Kay Gardner      11/16/16 10:46 PM
thank you so much! <3

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:36 PM

Kay Gardner      6/17/16 4:17 PM
thank you! :)

Sandra Robinson      6/04/16 8:15 PM

Terrific! Great poetry!
Kay Gardner      6/08/16 2:54 AM
thanks very much :) glad you're enjoying!

Heather Awad      5/10/16 11:46 PM

"Wind" just lovely!
Kay Gardner      5/11/16 4:05 AM
thankya! it's an older one, but i think it still works :)

Heather Awad      4/05/16 1:00 PM

"Listen" is lovely, and oh so true!
Kay Gardner      4/06/16 1:40 PM
thanks so much :)

Heather Awad      3/22/16 2:58 PM

"yearning" like this one! It gnaws under the skin like a small itch you can't scratch. :)
Kay Gardner      3/23/16 12:09 AM
oh thank you! and that is so the feeling i was going for :)

Heather Awad      3/14/16 11:54 PM

Really enjoyed Poem... Like a tale of its inception. 😊
Kay Gardner      3/15/16 1:31 PM
thank you! :)

Bill McStowe      3/14/16 11:18 PM

Really enjoyed "poem." The moment. The pause. The feeling.
Kay Gardner      3/15/16 1:31 PM
thanks so much :)

Bill McStowe      3/14/16 11:18 PM

Really enjoyed "poem." The moment. The pause. The feeling.

Heather Awad      1/25/16 10:05 PM

"The he of him" I know what you mean. :)
Kay Gardner      1/26/16 2:35 PM
heh.. heckuva club to be in, huh?

Heather Awad      1/18/16 11:51 AM

"dislike" Oh the landscape of the workplace. I think the cubicles are to blame. 😉
Kay Gardner      1/19/16 1:41 AM
oh most definitely ;)

Cynthia Scott      1/14/16 4:06 PM

I am just getting to catching up on your stuff. Hostage is the current favourite. How many times I have felt that way, have known that way. Well done, Kay.
Kay Gardner      1/15/16 3:46 AM
thank you so much! i'm tickled you're enjoying them :)

Tyler Wandschneider      12/31/15 4:11 PM

Hi Kay! Great stuff here...I think. I say "I think" not because of your work, it sounds beautiful, but I say it because of my ignorance in the art of poetry. Here's a little back story. I love reading, sci-fi and fantasy and have since grown to really love writing it. And studying it. And failing and trying again and all that jazz. Through my studies I've heard that some of the greatest fiction writers out, write, study, surround themselves in poetry because of it's very use of words in a condensed form to evoke the deepest of emotions and thought. (I'm sure there's way more to it than that.) After reading some poetry, yours and others, I find that there is truth in that. So. I want read and study poetry to find the art in the use of words for the reasons above and so many more. So I now read poetry...but I don't know how to look for the art inside it. I will keep reading yours and others. Please, if you have any advice on how to understand, read, study poetry. I'll listen.
Kay Gardner      1/15/16 3:49 AM
not butchered at all.. that's fantastic! and a perfect example of poetry meaning different things to different readers, and sometimes different from what was in the author's mind at the time of writing also. thank you for sharing :)

Tyler Wandschneider      1/05/16 5:11 AM
You asked me what I got from The Rockery: Darkness. A lingering darkness abiding in something. Each line seemed to mirror that with your word choices throughout and then the end of the poem gave it a patient waiting to its persona. I don't know if I butchered it but that's what I got from it. Like a feeling of a beautiful patient darkness. I'm weird huh? ;)

Kay Gardner      12/31/15 8:17 PM
firstly, thanks very much :) now then, hrm, let me see.. there are, of course, a plethora of quotes about poetry, but this is one of my favorites: "a poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language," w.h. auden. (you're an author, so i'm sure you know where auden's coming from.) poetry carries a different intensity than prose. with a story, you have sentences and paragraphs and chapters to tell your tale, but poetry constrains itself to lines and stanzas. and that's the visual art to it. a poem isn't only how it sounds when you read it, but also how it looks on the page. (should i break this line here, or here? which has more auditory AND visual impact?) also, with a poem, the author is telling their own story, yes; but they're also telling the reader's story. when i write a poem, i generally have something specific in mind, but i guarantee you, every reader gets something different from reading it. it might only be a different image in their head from what i've described, or it could be an entirely different philosophy, depending on themselves and their perspectives. (for example, "the rookery," what did you get from it?) so. read and feel. many poems encourage, and even require, deep musing.. but don't overthink any of them. ponder the meanings, the word usage, the line breaks.. wonder what the poet meant.. but FEEL it first. (oh la, i could drown us both in poetry's philosophy.. lol! will hunt you up on fb if you'd like to continue the discussion ~grins~)

B Sharp      12/01/15 2:14 AM

Tomorrow People! I like, I guess... ;)
Kay Gardner      12/01/15 7:26 PM
you guess? lol! thank you :)

B Sharp      11/07/15 1:15 AM

Both, vivid! Was transported. Can't ask for more.
Kay Gardner      11/07/15 2:00 AM
thanks so much! :)