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It has come to me that we may have gotten this Christianity thing all wrong! Well, not the moral part, but a lot of the rest of it. It did not start way off, but just a degree will eventually make a huge difference!

There are three main directions I want to share my experiences and research in the gospel of Jesus Christ with you. Each will consider how to look at the diverse world we are aware of, as well as, the potentials and possibilities of what we may be unaware of, or that may be in our future, as a human race and how we’ve been given the tools to guide us to safety.

The three areas are:

1- Let’s Get Personal; here I will begin by telling you about myself and my journey. I will be sharing some struggles and techniques that I have used to help me to find peace and increasing joy.

2-Fundamental What Ifs; these will be some of the crucial truths that I believe I have found in my search for the meaning of life and existence. I would like to consider some alternate ways of interacting with our world and give examples of “what if we responded this way…”

3-On the Wild Side; to be honest I like to explore. I believe that if I can believe that I exist on any level then, who am I to say what does not exist. Here we will look at a variety of things including life’s joys and challenges, time, life in other dimensions, near death experiences, how could I have made this plan for my life….and many more things that you do not usually find being discussed at the water cooler or the coffee shop.

I am looking forward to growth and understanding as I share my testimony of life to the extent that I understand it at this time. Thank you for making that possible!

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Table of Contents

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Debi Simmons      7/25/20 9:28 PM

As I re-enter Channillo in 2020 my format will change. I will present material as inspired but I do not plan on having the three areas any longer. My views on Christianity have changed radically in these past few years. I still use the same wording because I still follow the same guide, Jesus. I no longer consider myself a Mormon, as I did in 2015. No longer do I carry the traditional beliefs of Christianity. I do believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and I believe that nothing else is real. I do not believe in sin. I do believe in error. And I do believe that the Atonement that Jesus bears witness of today is our Salvation. I hope that my work helps shed light on a truth that has been covered up for too long. Be well, Debi