We Don\'t Understand This Weather
By Ibrahim Oga

liberonova      8/10/20 3:40 PM

Situationsships ... Good title also! I even looked it up on Duck Duck Go :-D
Ibrahim Oga      8/10/20 5:20 PM
I'm so glad! 😁 I hope you found it to be a fitting title though?

liberonova      8/10/20 3:41 PM
minus s (I wrote 1 s too much.

liberonova      7/11/20 5:39 AM

Dear mister Oga, I like detailed descriptions of daily routines like this :-D But we, the readers, must not forget about climate change and the consequences that it has on living on earth. In The Netherlands there is someone running for president (here it is called 'premier' or 'minister-president, while we still have a kingdom) and she knows all about climate change and the need to act globally: Sigrid Kaag. Keep on writing, yours sincerely, liberonova
Ibrahim Oga      7/11/20 10:50 AM
It is so good to hear this. I truly hope she wins. We need more leaders who're willing to take not just national but global initiative towards climate change. It is always great to know you're here reading my works. Thank you for being here, Liberonova.