War On Christmas: Down The Chimney
By Daniel Bautz
7/19/19 Chapter One: Reindeer Down
8/2/19 Chapter Two: Merry Gentlemen
8/16/19 Chapter Three: Adeste Fidelis
8/31/19 Chapter Four: Under The Tree
9/15/19 Chapter Five: Bring Me The Figgy Pudding
9/29/19 Chapter Six: We'll Conspire
10/13/19 Chapter Seven: Bring A Torch
10/27/19 Chapter Eight: Come A-Wassailing
11/10/19 Chapter Nine: Red Christmas
11/25/19 Chapter Ten: Eight Bloody Reindeer
12/8/19 Chapter Eleven: Cranberry Jelly
12/30/19 Chapter Twelve: Drummers Drumming
2/15/20 Chapter Thirteen: Save Us From Satan's Power
3/1/20 Chapter Fourteen: Won't You Guide My Sleigh
3/15/20 Chapter Fifteen: Mocks The Song
3/29/20 Chapter Sixteen: Bowl Full of Jelly
4/20/20 Chapter Seventeen: Sleigh Ride Together
5/3/20 Chapter Eighteen: I'll Be Home
5/25/20 Chapter Nineteen: Christmas, Without You
6/9/20 Epilogue: Old Saint Nick