Chapter Seventeen: Sleigh Ride Together
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Agent O’Hare dreamt of meeting TBF, then killing him and taking over the operations altogether. But she needed to meet him first, and so many people stood between her and her goals. Agent Dawkins was one of those people. She needed to dispatch him and somehow manipulate the situation to make herself elevated. “So, TBF has a real hard-on for Christmas and Santa Claus, why is that?”

Dawkins looked at her out of the side of his eyes. He fidgeted with his phone and pulled up his contact list. He would need permission to deep-six O’Hare. He knew she had the attention of his superiors, as few as there were, and he couldn’t bury her somewhere along the highway without repercussions. He thumbed the question in a text and sent it. He clasped the phone and held it waiting for the feel th...

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