Chapter Sixteen: Bowl Full of Jelly
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Jolly laughed to himself. This exhilaration felt like nothing he'd experienced. Jolly imagined this was how John felt when escaping his captors in Viet Nam. Still, they must be getting close to where he was. The amateurs in the sleigh were getting hard to keep up with. He hoped it would be over soon. As fun as being on a rescue mission was, what hung in the balance was too big. Christmas was a lot more than presents.

Church and Jimmy felt like children sneaking downstairs on that titular morning as the winter air flowed around them. This was very different than every other flight they'd ever taken. Time seemed to freeze against their motion. Both Church and Jimmy knew who was in every building they flew over. They knew. It would float through their mind. Bob Chuckup, age 57, naughty, Riley He...

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