Chapter Fifteen: Mocks The Song
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John’s military training rushed forward. His situation demanded he adapts and survives. Stranded and vulnerable on top of this rock structure at an unknown location, his mind raced. The folks who had brought him here would, at some point, come after him. They, in fact, were most likely figuring a way to get to him other than the shaft and portal he had used. It was too easy for John to defend. He could blow off every head peeking through the opening. He had time, but he needed to act before they recaptured him. The terrain behind him appeared treacherous, but what was in front, the sculpted and worked stone, would be deadly to try to scale.

John looked to the west and knew at once where he was. He stared into the eyes of George Washington, then Thomas Jefferson, and finally, Teddy Roosevelt. Tha...

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