Chapter Fourteen: Won't You Guide My Sleigh
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The reindeer’s breath hung in a heavy mist as it snorted from their nostrils. One by one, the elves under Jolly’s guidance guided them from the trailer. Church and Jimmy Clementine stood on the shoulder of the road watching by the red tail lights as they began to register what they witnessed. Three-foot elves with pointy hats and ears to match unloading eight reindeer and a large red sled off the back of a tractor-trailer chipped away at the last bit of skepticism they each retained.

“Lieutenant Colonel Church, U.S. Airforce,” Church said. Jimmy clasped Church’s extended hand.

“Please to meet you, Jimmy Clementine, Ephron Mall Santa,” Jimmy smiled as he added the words Mall Santa after his name. Church smiled back. “So, why is someone from the U.S. military out here chasin...

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