Chapter Twelve: Drummers Drumming
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Jimmy Clementine took it all in stride. He didn’t question any of it as he climbed onto a tomahawk chopper filled with elves. He got on board. This annoyed Jolly because he spent the trek all the way from the north pole running through explanations in his head. Jimmy watched as they flew over the highway, scanning the trailers of semis for heat signatures of reindeer. His hands shook. His attention and focus were heightened by the adventure he was embarking on. He never thought being a Son of Nicholas would have him in the belly of a steel beast careening through the night sky with elves trying to save the Christmas he loved.

“Jimmy, you alright?” Jolly asked. Still not believing in the relaxed demeanor of this professional mall Santa.

“Sure thing, Jolly,” Jimmy said as he...

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