Chapter Eleven: Cranberry Jelly
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His blood pumped through his veins so hard he could feel every beat of his heart. He never envisioned himself in a combat situation after taking on the mantle of Santa Claus. His eyes darted back and forth across the long carved stone corridor. No one seemed to be close, but there was no cover anywhere. He had to risk it. He knew it wouldn't be long before someone came looking for him. Taking a breath and centering himself, he waited for a feeling to come to him.

With a deep breath, he stepped from the egress of the door and ran the way his gut told him to. John felt the suit sticking to his elbows as he ran. The blood was clotting and adhering the silk fabric to the side of his arms. He'd need to address the bleeding eventually. For now, he needed to escape. His gut told him to head...

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