Chapter Six: We'll Conspire
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“Something’s wrong,” Jolly said. He slipped the hood of his parka off as he watched the horizon of the southern sphere for John Trafalgar returning on his sleigh. “Something is definitely wrong.”

All the others were back, all but John. Their reindeer munched their oats in their stalls as Jolly waddled by them. He pulled on his gloves. Once his hand we're free and he placed them in his pockets. “I told them GPS, GPS, GPS. I knew it wasn't some fad like they kept saying.” Jolly looked to the reindeer attendant pouring oats into Father Christmas’s reindeer feeder. “Tinky, I told them to GPS, didn’t I?”   Tinky looked from his work. The blank expression, which was typical for Tinky, told Jolly no answer was forthcoming. “Watch for John. I’m go...

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