War Eternal
By Tom Haswell

Lucas C. Wheeler      5/25/17 4:53 AM

I was looking forward to reading more of this, but it says completed? I'll keep an eye out, just in case. It's one of the few stories I've read so far that's pulled me in.

Chris Reynolds      5/04/16 7:39 AM

Keen to see some more... but when I click on the sixth installment there's no text. Has the April update been posted? (Need to read something to encourage my writing!)

Tyler Wandschneider      1/30/16 5:45 PM

This is awesome Tom! I'm so excited for more of the story. I love it when an author can take us through training like this and so far you're killin' it! Great fight scenes to, just the right amount of discription.
Tom Haswell      2/01/16 7:52 PM
Thank you sir! Fight scenes are a painful Venn diagram of too vague and too detailed. Having an extensive martial arts background, I'm always wanting to put in more, but afraid my readers will get lost. Especially using such a strange style like Capoeira in the descriptions, but what else would some kids from Brazil be practicing! Glad you're enjoying the trip so far, more is coming!

Chris Reynolds      1/29/16 5:55 AM

600 channels... plus boot... and that's all for just one corporation? Wow. I wonder what the viewership would be like on the smaller channels. I would presume that they would therefore have less equipment and have less in the way of good kit as a result. I am quite curious to see who the enemy is...
Tom Haswell      1/29/16 5:03 PM
Thanks! Smithfield is basically a militarized interplanetary Time Warner... they own the largest Chunk... almost half of all the network space combined. There's a few in the Hundred Channel Club, and most running just a few. (I might have sketched out some backstory...) As for the enemy... there are a few. Those are going to be fun reveals. Thanks for reading! I Hope you keep enjoying it!

Joe Prosit      1/01/16 6:33 PM

I'm hooked! Love the rough veteran set up with the flashback to where it all began. Nice work man!
Tom Haswell      1/01/16 8:27 PM
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it! A lot more coming with this one, trust me. I hope you enjoy where it leads. Have a great 2016!

Tyler Wandschneider      12/31/15 4:32 PM

Great start Tom! Love the cliffhanger and I'm excited for the first chapter!
Tom Haswell      12/31/15 4:34 PM
Thank you very much! We're about to start a long and bump road for poor Damian. Thank you for commenting, and I hope you enjoy reading more!