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Maybe Later

By Kerriann
11/3/16 Telephone
11/10/16 Diminutive
11/17/16 Trivial Pursuit of Happiness
11/21/16 1-800- You're-Going-To-Die
12/1/16 The Epitome of Existence Part II
12/8/16 The Line
12/15/16 Manifold
12/22/16 1 PM reverie
12/29/16 Give and Take
1/9/17 If This Were An Album This Poem Would Be The Title Track
1/12/17 Parallel Promises
1/31/17 If morning were a person, she'd be a mother
2/9/17 One is the Loneliest Number and That's Just Fine
2/17/17 Crash
2/23/17 Just Your typical Friday Night
3/2/17 French Press
3/9/17 Into the Rabbit Hole
3/16/17 Charon
3/23/17 You Don't Need an Invitation to Your Own Life
4/13/17 Little Blocks
4/25/17 Cyclical Heartbreak
5/4/17 Innocent As Cherry Pie
5/10/17 A Cautionary Tale