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You told me about your childhood

Heart breaking



The product of divorce

Choose between the lesser of two evils.


So you chose him.

She ran off as

She so often did


Left you wondering if it was your fault

And what could you have done to make her stay.


The weight you bore on those tiny little shoulders

And you didn't tell a soul.


You finally told me about the missed phone calls

Years and years of missed phone calls

I can see it clear as day.


Little you

Sitting on that threadbare couch

Your dad found in a garage sale for just ten bucks.

Glass of milk not far away

And your stuffed husky who got all the hugs you wanted but were afraid to Ask for.

You stayed in your pjs all day on the day she was supposed to call.

Friends came by, begged you to come play.



Today's the day and I have to be here when it rings.


As the hours progressed

Your childhood optimism and innocence bleed out disguised as tears.

Night eventually came

Back to bed you went

Left to question why.

Then just as you were about to drift off to sleep

Your mind said

There's always next week

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Your Channel

      12/01/17 12:13 PM

I hate that every line resonates and cuts so deep.

KerriannCurtis      12/01/17 1:04 PM

Yeah this one unfortunately leans more towards art imitating life rather than the other way around. There's little solace, but knowing you aren't the only one sometimes helps. Thanks for reading and commenting.