The Firebird (2)
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change things up then,” Andrus said.

There was an off-ramp, but since they were traveling west in the eastbound lane, it was angled in the wrong direction. Andrus hammered on the brakes again and put the Firebird into another semi-controlled skid. The thick tires cut deep into the groomed gravel highway floor. The force of the turn threatened to roll the car, but Andrus kept it on four wheels and made the turn. He floored the gas and sent the Firebird up the ramp and out of the canal.

Erhnam’s hovercraft had less difficulty making the turn. By the time they were on the street, his hovercraft was less than a hundred meters from the Firebird.

Andrus and Leon found themselves in downtown St. Louis. Skyscrapers and skyways claimed most of the view. Everything at eye-level was low hoverin...

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