Trail Before the Gods (2)
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he said.


“They’re lying, Andrus. Don’t believe a word of it,” Leon said. “Think of what we’ve been through together. I’m your brother, Andrus.”

“You blamed me,” Andrus said. “You shoved a gun into my face and blamed me for my parent’s death. You were the only friend I had in the galaxy, and you blamed me.”

“Andrus. You know I loved Gene and Paula,” Leon said.

“And your father? You told me yourself what he thought of them. You mentioned the Swift Conspiracy that night. I didn’t forget that. And I didn’t forget you bringing that bottle,” Andrus said.

“Run, Corporal Treu,” one of the Elenchos said. “We recovered your ISXC attack ship from the Ovega residen...

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