Trail Before the Gods (1)
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The six demigods leered over Andrus and Arylav. Their eyes were hidden under the thick wool hoods except when their tapetum lucidum reflected a stray glimmer into eye shine. The tentacles that should have been human fingers were snake-like, but also tipped with razor-sharp claws. Andrus couldn’t see limbs or bones under their cloaks, but by their movements he got the sense that their joints weren’t in the places where a humanoid’s joints should have been. When they spoke, they spoke an accented and booming English.

“Andrus Ovega, of St. Louis, Earth; Vulpine One, the first of your Order,” one of them said. “Do you know why we’ve brought you here?”

Andrus didn’t immediately respond. He watched as bionically enhanced war elephants moved to the flanks on either s...

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