Prisoners of the Elenchos (3)
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Arylav said. “We need to escape! I’ve seen her thoughts!”

The cages came to an abrupt halt. Whatever armature had brought them to their present location stopped. Then it dropped the cages. They crashed against a solid floor just a meter down. Andrus and Arylav crashed with the cages, but slowly stood back up.

Floodlights kicked on and blinded them both. Andrus could feel the heat from the lamps as he held his hands up between the light source and his eyes. He and Arylav were exposed to anyone looking at them. They were wet, their clothes ripped and soiled. She held the dead tablet in her prosthetic hand. He was bleeding from his side. They both blocked the light from their eyes and stood defenseless in the large room.

More lights came on. The huge flood lights panned down...

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Table of Contents

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