Prisoners of the Elenchos (2)
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a voice call.


There was light too. Not much of it, but a small light shimmer that hurt his eyes.

“Andrus, are you okay?”

“Arylav? Is that you?” he asked as soon as his lungs allowed it. The light was still all glare in his wet eyes.

“It’s me,” she said. “Over here.”

Still gasping, he paddled over, pushing aside the garbage and debris out of his way and he did. His hand found a steel grate that stopped him. Arylav’s fingers wove through the grate and took a hold of his hand. With her other hand, she lifted up whatever she had for a light so he could see her face.

“Is she here with you? Valeria?” Andrus said as he looked in her face of the opposite side of the grate.

“I hav...

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