Prisoners of the Elenchos (1)
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Andrus found himself in a pit deeper than he’d ever been in before. He woke up groggy and in pain, like he’d drank the night before. He hadn’t drank the night before. He’d been shackled to the bulkhead of The Vulpine the night before as he was brought through subspace for the second straight day. Leon and Arylav were with him on the ship. Wrench was there too, but he did little more than drain blood and fluid onto the deck, and bloat as the bacteria instead his corpse ate away at his guts and turned them into gasses.

Andrus didn’t see Wrench inside the pit with him, thank God. But he didn’t see Leon or Arylav either. It was too dark. He could hardly see anything. Still, he knew he was deep underneath whatever terra was at the surface of this planet.

It was...

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