Station Number Nine (2)
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told himself.


He peeled a half dozen fragmentation grenades from his webbing. He hit the timed detonators and tossed them up over the catwalk edge. As they arced downward, he grabbed the big bayoneted combat blaster and jumped over the side, following the grenades.

They detonated a half second before he landed. As soon as his feet hit the floor, his finger hit the trigger and unleashed a salvo in three hundred and sixty degrees. The mutants screamed and died. Their shredded bodies fell to the deck.

Andrus fixated on the dead for just a moment. Then a burst of blaster bolts flashed over his head. Another bolt punched into his armored shoulder. Andrus shrugged off the hit and turned to see three more mutants with blasters down a corridor.

One had four arms. The other had...

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