Station Number Nine (1)
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The mutant man-thing raised the crude lead pipe over his head. His eyes were wide and caught the cacophony of firelight of the thousands of bits of burning shrapnel that was The Vulpine.

“I’m gonna mash your head to soup!” the huge mutant mumbled.

Andrus, still dazed from the crash, knew enough to make his move quick. His hand flashed to the holstered pistol blaster at his hip. A split second later, the blaster was drawn and fired. The bolt cut in through the mutant’s frontal lobe and exited through the occipital.

His three eyes all rolled upwards, almost as if trying to examine the entry wound. His grip on the pipe loosened and it clanged against the metal grate floor behind his feet. Then the tower of the man-thing fell. Andrus reholstered his blaster.


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