Last Flight of The Vulpine (3)
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visor as he tumbled through the ether. There was no sense of up or down. Gravity was gone. The only lights were the explosions and blaster fire of the battle, and occasionally the lights of Station Number Nine as it rotated through his frame of vision. The armor was equipped with thrusters, but if he couldn’t dislodge himself from the captain’s chair, he’d crash into the station like a lifeless asteroid against terra.

The chair had electronic ejection controls that would set him free if they were connected to a power source. Andrus unholstered one of the two blasters strapped to his hips and stuck the blaster barrel against the controls. He fired. The controls exploded and the chair propelled him loose, untethered from everything ever built or created.

He manually triggered the thrusts i...

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Table of Contents

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