Last Flight of The Vulpine (2)
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white. He got that feeling again of his guts being turned inside out. He thought he’d vomit. He lost consciousness. Or perhaps regained consciousness. The dream-dimension of the SS Belmont faded.


“Andrus! Get up!” Leon yelled from his chair inside the The Vulpine.

Andrus was laying on his back, staring at the ceiling of his ship. Something outside the hull slammed into them. Everything shook and rattled.

“Multiple hostile ships are aggressing The Vvvvvvvvvulpine. Launching all probots nnnnnnnnnnnow, sir,” he heard Foxtrot say.

“Andrus!” Leon said. “Foxtrot! Give me control of the ship. I’ll pilot this damn thing.”

Andrus got up off his back and looked out the front monitor. He saw Station Number Nine floating out in space, surrou...

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