Last Flight of The Vulpine (1)
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“I’ll come back for you,” Andrus said. “I promise.”

“And for the Belmont,” Arylav said, didn't ask.

“And for the Belmont,” Andrus said. “Wrench? Can you get her to the Nexus?”

The outlaw-mechanic stepped out of the shadows.They had met at an empty docking station on the Fort Clark way station. It wasn't far from Ruetger’s Outpost. “Just the woman? A willing woman at that? I’ve smuggled worse,” he said.

“We’ve made some enemies. An agent of the Elenchos,” Andrus said.

“Religious zealots. You’d think spacers would have the sense to leave religion to the earthers. There’s no God out here. Irregardless...”

“Regardless... ” Andrus said.


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