Killers and Contracts
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“Did you do it?” Leon said, his face only inches from Andrus’. The barrel of his blaster was pushed an inch deep into Andrus’ cheek. “Did you kill them? Tell me or I swear to God I’ll take your head clean off.”

“Corporal Treu, stand down!” Sergeant Heinlein called from behind him.

“Better listen to your master, Leon,” Andrus said. “Or you won’t get your doggie treat.”

“Tell me the truth. For once in your miserable life. Did you kill Gene and Paula?” Leon said, his finger steadily tightening around the trigger.

“You have no idea what happened that night. And whatever your ISXC masters told you is a lie,” Andrus said. “And to think I called you a friend.”

“Corporal, I don’...

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