The Hunt for Vulpine One
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“Headhunters!” Sergeant Heinlein called to the squad.

“Hunt!” the rest of the men called in response.

“Headhunters!” the veteran soldier called again.

“Hunt!” Leon yelled back, as enthusiastic as the rest of the hoplites aboard the assault ship.

“Thirty seconds to launch!” Heinlein announced.

This was nothing like Leon’s previous assault. During his last assault, he was a skirmisher, a green boot with no combat experience. He was fresh off Earth and the only soul aboard he knew was Andrus Ovega, an old friend from down on St. Louis. Now he was a combat veteran, an elite trained hoplite, a corporal himself, and they were coming to kill Andrus Ovega of St. Louis, Earth.

Only they were calling him Vulpine One.


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