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"Target identified. 53 year old male in the blue business suit. 1.74 meters in height. Heavy build. Black hair. Even complexion. Exiting right rear passenger door," Foxtrot told Vulpine One through a small earpiece.

Andrus slowly exhaled and allowed the crosshairs of his scope to fall onto the man. "On target," he said. 

Andrus wore civilian attire, a worker's uniform and a brown trench coat. After the contract was complete, he could drop back down amongst the populace and go forever unnoticed. His target, however, had definitely drawn a crowd. The aging politician was greeting the lower class impoverished inside on of the low streets of Centuri City. Andrus watched the man affect the poor with his fake smile and overly enthusiastic handshakes. The man hid his revulsion well. Andrus not a...

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