Aboard the SS Belmont (3)
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pull… up!”


The shift in momentum gave Andrus just the edge he needed. As Valeria’s mass shift, Andrus triggered his thrusters. They shot off the wall and down to the floor, Andrus landing on top of her. He took hold of the stiletto spike and stabbed it into the steel floor. He slammed an armored fist into her robotic eye. The glass cracked. The pin-point red light of the robotic eye became an unfocused glow. He hit her again, dazing her long enough for him to reach his hip-holstered blaster.

“I’ve been waiting to finish you since I met you,” Andrus said.


Leon and Arylav, Captain Arylav in her Belmont uniform, leveled a salvo at the oncoming mutants and gakkers. The tide seemed to resurge, enough so that the ambassadors could come to their fee...

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