Aboard the SS Belmont (2)
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took a hold of the second to last gakker by the neck. He swung it forward as hard as he could and crushed its head into the last gakker. Metal panels broke off. A hydraulic line broke and squirted fluid. Wires shorted out and sparked. When Leon was done, two more gakkers lay broken on the corridor floor.

“Is that all you got?” he called to no one.


“Does your mother tell you you’re pretty?” Andrus asked the half-human half-wolfman before snapping the mutant’s neck and dropping it to the floor. It made a strange half-growl half-gargle as it died.

He picked up his blaster and continued on. The layout of the ship was familiar to him, even though the last time he was aboard the Belmont it had rusted to a skeleton frame and was half-buried in the sand of a d...

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