Aboard the SS Belmont (1)
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They hit the first ring of the rail and accelerated right through the space-time continuum.

For once, Andrus didn't pass out. He hardly felt anything. No nausea. No vertigo. No loss of consciousness. He watched all hundred of the rail rings slip by them in a sliver of a second. The ship seemed to twist as it went, giving the rings a similar appearance to the riflings in the barrel of a gun. When they went superluminal, he was blinded by the sudden flash. He was surprised when he opened his eyes after the flash subsided, and he was fully alert and aware. A whirling kaleidoscope of subspace shown on the monitors in front of him.

Arylav and Leon were in their chairs, limp and lifeless. Andrus could have mistaken them for dead, but Leon spasmodically ticked in his sleep.

Was that how he...

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