From the Ashes (2)
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hull. It’s a rusted out wreck, half buried in the sands of that subspace desert world.”

“You’re right. We did find the Belmont there, wasted away as if it had crashed there a millennia ago. We also found The Vulpine, yet here we stand,” Arylav said. “We say it’s faster-than-light travel, but that’s not accurate, is it? We’re not traveling faster than light. We’re traveling outside of speed. Outside of space. Outside of time. We’ve known that for a long time now, I’m just the only one in the universe who has the balls to take advantage of it.

“The Elenchos wanted you to attack a secret cabal of ISXC generals. They loaded the coordinated into the ship, but they weren’t telling the truth. Not all of it. They gave us the space and ti...

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Table of Contents

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