Planet Sin (3)
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high definition monitors of pornographic movies and sleaze. This was the planet where every soul that came soon died.

“The Russian Roulette, room eleven thirty-eight,” Leon said out loud. The Elenchos had left the information there in the cockpit for him to find. It should have felt like a trap, but he had nowhere else to go. According to the information the dog-god demons left him, Room 1138 was a penthouse near the top floor. He spotted the towering casino just ahead and decided to set the ship down on the roof.


Leon found his hoplite armor inside the attack ship along with other supplies. Instead of the human-shaped tank of the hoplite gear, he opted for a trenchcoat and a pair of blasters. Subtlety had its place, although it was hard to call Planet Sin that place. He donned gog...

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