Planet Sin (2)
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not subside, was Leon’s sense of dread as he peered out of the ship’s canopy.

Planet Sin was surrounded by an entire armada of ISXC warcraft. There were a dozen Brigade Carrier Flagships, three times as many battleships and as many attack ships and Interceptors as there were ants on a hill. They were between him and the planet surface, in formation and seemingly patiently waiting. They hadn’t seemed to notice him yet.

His ansible and radio stayed quiet. He slowed down the speed of his ship and steered it parallel along one of the city-sized carriers, the ISS Goldheart. A few other attack ships came alongside him. None of them seemed to pay him mind.

What were they doing here? This was no random patrol. Were they invading the planet? Planet Sin had been a hotbed of Undergroun...

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