Planet Sin (1)
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Leon sprinted through the narrow foot trail that snaked through huge towering trees and lush green undergrowth as fast as he could. Gnats and mosquitos swarmed his sweating face. Thin branches and vines brushed his arms. A python with a robotic eye dangled from a branch as he passed. What sky he could see through the jungle canopy was a sickly orange glow with only a gradation of color to show the location of this planet’s sun.

For a second, his mind wandered off the imminent threat of being chased down and killed by Vulpine One, Andrus Ovega, a man he’d called his brother, to wonder just where in the near-eternal expanse of the galaxy had the bounty huntress brought them. There was no planet yet discovered that hosted pre-existing biological life. Yet here he was, clearly not on Earth, surrounde...

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