The Foxhole
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Andrus fell through the blackness detached from all stimuli. Above him, the trap sealed him in and cut off the daylight. Still, he tumbled. He triggered the suit's thrusters but the fuel refused to ignite. Foxtrot had rendered his suit inert and betrayed him.

He hit the thrusters again. Nothing. Again. Still nothing. If he couldn't slow his fall, he would be crushed on impact against jagged rocks or whatever waited at the bottom of this pit. He he cursed the backstabbing AI and tried once more and the thrusters came to life, but only enough to set him upright and slow his terminal velocity. 

Andrus lowered down to the bottom of the pit, and found not uncivilized rocky crages, but a well lit and technologically advanced room. The thrusters cradled him down to the steel floor and then shut o...

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