The Ghost of 99
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Andrus donned the uniform of the dead mercenary "Vulpine Zero." He was the dead man's successor, "Vulpine One," but he didn't feel it. He felt like a parentless kid gone AWOL and lost in the sleaziest part of space he could find. The helmet emblazoned with fox head sealed around the collar of his armor and all the electronics came to life. He sat at the ship's helm. The flight controls moved towards his lap and he took the sticks. Its artificial intelligence, "Foxtrot" obeyed his commands. 

In the garage the spacecraft, Vulpine, rumbled on its idling thrusters. Outside was the inner space of Ruetger's Outpost, a tangle of man-made steel structures and city. Closing in around the outpost were ISXC Interceptors with missiles and cannons loaded and readied to turn Andr...

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