Venus Fly Trap
By Daniel J. Flore III
8/18/16 the world looks better...
8/24/16 the cat
8/24/16 the couple arguing
8/24/16 silent phone
8/31/16 a woman leans against the stop sign...
9/6/16 to his lover
9/7/16 looking at our day that just ended...
9/7/16 sitting outside on the steps...
9/7/16 cannonball!
9/26/16 Adieu
10/2/16 the last thought before sleep...
10/17/16 I am living a life...
10/29/16 Pool, late summer heat
11/13/16 Note to self
12/2/16 Insomnia
1/29/17 Living in a technological world
3/11/17 the moon over the forest