Suicide Notes: mindset
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By Margareth Stewart

Oh grave,
graveyard, my best friend.
So cool and horny!
I'm so bullied and bored.
My tears so sorry and tempted.
You are my best friend - Gray.
Abused – Obtuse - Occludes
Trapped in a triangle. I am.
Tormented when my soul is in peace.
I must go. I knew it from the start.
From when I saw her quote years ago in San Francisco: “From here I depart, I hope never to come back.” I thought – “fucking brave woman.” Then, I grew up to be just like her.
It would be okay to come back if circumstances changed, but they won't.
Why are people so sceptical? So, demanding?
There´s more ahead.
There's nothing reasonable in thinking rationally...

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Table of Contents

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