Feeling Sick
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Taroy heard voices in the hall. As soon as he opened the bedroom door from the inside, he found Perrin staring at Kella like a lover moving in for a kiss. The lord had her pinned against the wall, and his back was hunched over so he could lower his face close to hers.

Taroy felt his stomach drop in disappointment. He was about to step back and quietly close the door to give them some privacy but then he saw Kella’s face. She looked like she was having a nightmare. Her chin was tucked down but she was staring at Perrin warily, as if watching him for his next move. When she realized the door was open her eyes glanced quickly sideways and Taroy spotted a flash of relief when she realized it was him.

Taroy’s muscles tensed for a fight. He gripped the doorframe so painfully he thought h...

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Table of Contents

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