The Sleeping Son
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Kella was alone with Lord Perrin.

She surveyed the dining room and saw there was no one else but the lord, who sat at the head of an ornate dining table. She had to walk the entire length of the hall to reach the chair where a place was set for her. She counted every step until she reached her seat. Forty-six steps. 

Lord Perrin stood as she came closer. Curtsying as her mother had taught her, Kella eyed his shoes. The lord pulled her chair back, which she quickly sat in, murmuring her thanks.

She was itchily aware of his eyes on her as he returned to his seat. They sat in silence while a servant approached, serving their meal and pouring wine. Kella murmured her thanks to the servant, who dipped in a quick bow to her and left wordlessly.

Kella lifted her eyes slightly,...

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Table of Contents

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